Blue stage background with spotlight and gold shiny circle with red marquee letters The Great Community Talent Search

The Great Community Talent Search

You've seen us on stage ... now it's your turn!

The Great Community Talent Search is a chance for non-professional people of all ages across Ontario to share their hidden talents! We’re looking for fun, entertaining, and interesting acts … everything from juggling, magic, and weird tricks, to dancing, singing, comedy, and more!

Do you have a secret talent? Can you play a unique instrument? Are you funny? Can you balance a ball on your head while solving a Rubik’s cube? Bring it on! We want to showcase the best and most interesting talents that our communities across Ontario have to offer.

Show us your special talent in a video submission no longer than 4 minutes. We will review all the videos and select the Top 9 candidates to come to the Hamilton Family Theatre Cambridge on Saturday, October 16 to perform their talent on stage and have it filmed. Then, each of the Top 9 contestants will have their professionally-filmed talent video shared as part of a special Drayton Entertainment digital series leading up to an online vote for the winner!


The winning contestant will receive a Golden Ticket Package, which includes tickets to shows at all five Drayton Entertainment locations in 2022, plus dinner and accommodation for an overnight stay in the area surrounding each venue.

How To Submit

Submissions are now closed. Thank you for sending in your videos. We will notify all applicants either way by email by October 12.

1. Record a video of you performing your talent. This can be recorded on a smart phone, tablet, computer, or camcorder, just make sure the space is well lit so that we can see you. Please ensure that your video is no longer than 4 minutes.
2. Before you record your talent, please introduce yourself on camera and tell us your name, your age, and where you're from.
3. Once you are happy with your video, upload it to YouTube as an "Unlisted" video. Unfortunately, we cannot accept video files that are emailed to us as they are too large. All submissions must be uploaded to YouTube as an "Unlisted" video. Unlisted videos are hidden from YouTube search and only accessible to anyone who has the direct link. Click here for instructions on how to upload an unlisted video to YouTube. Once the video is uploaded, please copy the link and have it ready. You will need to give us the link when you fill out the submission form.
4. Submissions are now closed.


Who can submit?
The Great Community Talent Search is open to non-professional people at any age who reside in the province of Ontario. This talent search is not open to professional performers. If you are under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must consent to your submission. Please submit your video as soon as possible. We will be reviewing videos as they are received. If you are submitting a group video, only one member should submit a form on behalf of the group.

How will I know if I made it?
We will select and notify the Top 9 finalists by October 9. We will notify all applicants either way by email by October 12.

Can I start my submission form, stop and come back to complete it later?
You must complete your submission form all at once. Please make sure your video is uploaded to YouTube as an "Unlisted" video before you start the form.

What is the deadline for applications?
Submissions will be accepted from now through Wednesday, October 6.

How will I know if you’ve received my application?
You will receive a confirmation email.

Can I have music in the background of my talent video?
You may use an instrumental backing track in your talent video. If you are a singer, you can sing to an instrumental backing track or a cappella. Please make sure that there are no background vocals on your backing track if you are singing; we only want to hear your live singing voice with the track. Please make sure the volume level of the track is balanced with your singing voice so that we can hear you clearly.

Can I tell people that I submitted for The Great Community Talent Search?
Yes, you can say you have submitted a video, however, please do not share the video that you submitted publicly.


Click here to view the full rules of participation.